OpenAI Announces Converge 2: $1 Million Investment and Mentoring for AI Startups

OpenAI Startup Fund: OpenAI Announces Converge 2

OpenAI, the organization behind the revolutionary ChatGPT, is back with the second round of its AI startup fund, Converge 2. This initiative marks OpenAI’s commitment to propelling the boundaries of applied AI in crucial domains. OpenAI is on the lookout for visionaries—engineers, designers, researchers, and product builders—who are utilizing AI for groundbreaking purposes.

Vast Global Interest:

After the success of the first phase, where 12 startups were chosen to receive $1 million each, OpenAI is expanding its support. The global interest in AI is evident from the diverse range of startups that have benefited from similar initiatives in 2023. Notably, OpenAI’s vision is to foster a new era of pioneering startups driven by robust AI systems.

How to Apply:

For those aspiring to build businesses around AI, the application process for Converge 2 is now open until January 26, 2024. The program is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, emphasizing that prior AI experience is not a prerequisite. The application is a straightforward process, requiring only basic information, a one-sentence pitch, a 30-second video pitching the idea, and an email address.

You can submit your application from here.

Converge 2
  • Application Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2024.
  • Eligibility: Open to founders from all backgrounds and experience levels.
  • Application Process: Submit a short online application, including a one-sentence company description, links to the founder’s social profiles, and a 30-second video pitching your idea.
  • Selection Process: OpenAI’s Startup Fund will select 10-15 companies to join the program.

Last year, OpenAI selected four companies to serve as the first Converge “cohort.” They were:

  • Descript, an A.I. tool for creating and editing podcasts and videos.
  • Harvey, a chatbot and AI assistant for law firms and consulting companies.
  • Mem, an A.I assistant that helps users brainstorm and organize information.
  • Speak, an AI-generated language tutor that can create customized lessons.

Program Structure:

Selected startups will embark on a six-week program, running from March 11 to April 19, 2024. This comprehensive program involves tech talks, office hours, and social events. Participants will gain valuable insights through conversations with leading AI practitioners and startup founders. The $1 million investment from the OpenAI Startup Fund serves as a catalyst for these innovative ventures.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

OpenAI is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the AI field. The Converge 2 program actively encourages applications from founders of all backgrounds, irrespective of their location outside the United States. This commitment aligns with OpenAI’s broader vision of ensuring that AI development is representative of diverse perspectives.

Flexible Participation:

While the initial and final weeks of the program are structured as in-person events in San Francisco, OpenAI recognizes the importance of flexibility. Participants can engage remotely for the intermediate weeks, allowing for a broader reach and participation. Travel expenses for the in-person events are covered by OpenAI, ensuring accessibility for all.


OpenAI’s Converge 2 stands as a beacon for aspiring AI entrepreneurs, providing not just financial support but also a platform for learning and growth. The global response to Converge 2 is a testament to the increasing significance of AI in shaping the future. As the application window remains open until January 26, 2024, this is an opportune moment for AI enthusiasts to turn their visions into reality with OpenAI’s support.

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