OpenAI and Common Sense Media Collaborate to Enhance Kids’ Safety in AI Education

OpenAI and Common Sense Media Collaborate to Enhance Kids' Safety in AI Education

OpenAI has forged a strategic partnership with Common Sense Media, a prominent advocate for children and families, to address the challenges associated with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into educational settings. The collaboration unveiled at the Common Sense Summit for America’s Kids and Families in San Francisco aims to guide parents, educators, and young individuals on responsible AI use and curate family-friendly AI options.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, emphasized the practical utility of AI tools, stating, “Humans are tool users, and we better teach people to use the tools that are going to be out in the world.” The collaboration will focus on developing AI guidelines and educational materials, acknowledging the need to strike a balance between harnessing the benefits of AI and minimizing potential risks.

James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, highlighted the joint effort to ensure safe and responsible AI use. “Our guides and curation will be designed to educate families and educators about safe, responsible use of ChatGPT so that we can collectively avoid any unintended consequences of this emerging technology,” Steyer commented.

The partnership addresses concerns about the potential misuse of AI, with Altman acknowledging reservations about the ability of AI systems to be used for customized persuasion. The collaboration also involves the curation of a family-friendly section within OpenAI’s GPT Store, aligning with Common Sense’s ratings and standards.

Common Sense Media, known for its reviews of media content for children, extended its evaluation framework to include AI. The organization’s review of ChatGPT emphasizes the chatbot’s strengths and limitations, describing it as “A powerful, at times risky chatbot for people 13+ that is best used for creativity, not facts.”

This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to provide valuable resources and guidelines for navigating the evolving landscape of AI in education. The joint initiative aims to strike a balance between leveraging the potential of AI tools and ensuring the safety and responsible use of these technologies among teens and families.

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