Nabla Secures $24 Million for AI Copilot Transforming Medical Consultations

Nabla Secures $24 Million for AI Copilot Transforming Medical Consultations

Paris-based startup Nabla has just raised $24 million in a Series B funding round led by Cathay Innovation, featuring participation from ZEBOX Ventures, the corporate VC fund of CMA CGM. This funding follows a recent partnership with Permanente Medical Group, a division of U.S. healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente.

Nabla focuses on developing an AI copilot designed to assist doctors and medical staff in their daily tasks. Unlike attempts to replace human roles, Nabla’s copilot acts as a silent partner in the background, diligently taking notes and crafting medical reports during patient consultations.

CEO Alexandre Lebrun, previously the CEO of Wit.ai (acquired by Facebook), emphasized that Nabla aims to enhance efficiency rather than replace doctors. In a live demonstration, the copilot effectively transcribed a medical consultation, showcasing its real-time speech-to-text capabilities for both in-person and telehealth appointments.

Once a consultation concludes, the copilot utilizes a large language model, fine-tuned with medical data, to generate a comprehensive medical report. This report includes a summary of the consultation, prescriptions, and follow-up appointment details. Nabla allows customization, enabling doctors to tailor the notes according to their preferred format.

Lebrun emphasized the importance of retaining the human element in healthcare, comparing Nabla’s approach to the gradual progression of automation in autonomous vehicles. The ultimate goal is to support doctors, allowing them to save time on administrative tasks and focus more on patient care.

Nabla’s copilot, actively used by thousands of doctors, has become an integral part of medical consultations. The company’s privacy model ensures data security, with no storage of audio or medical notes on servers without explicit consent from both doctors and patients.

With Nabla’s recent funding injection, the startup plans to expand its copilot capabilities and increase adoption, particularly in the U.S. market. Nabla envisions building an AI-driven future for physicians, providing reliable ambient AI support across the clinical spectrum up to medical decision support. The copilot currently supports English, Spanish, and French languages, and the company plans to launch additional language options in the future.

Check out the official funding announcement here.

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