Microsoft Quietly Launches Copilot on Android & iOS Devices

Microsoft Tests Automatic Launch of Copilot AI on Widescreen Windows 11 Devices

Microsoft has made a groundbreaking stride in the realm of AI accessibility by quietly introducing the Copilot app for Android, now available for download on the Google Play Store. This move, spotted by @technosarusrex on X (formerly Twitter), brings a fresh way for users to interact with this AI-powered assistant, adding versatility to the Android app marketplace.

Copilot for Android, while sharing similarities with the Bing Chat app, provides users access to the same chat features. Noteworthy is its compatibility with the Microsoft Edge browser for Android, SwiftKey, Skype, and other applications, expanding its reach across various platforms.

The Android version of Copilot introduces features already prevalent on desktops, including the ability to ask complex questions, generate images using DALL-E 3, draft documents or emails, and engage in casual conversations. Users have the flexibility to toggle between light and dark themes and control the recently added GPT-4 functionality.

Microsoft describes Copilot as a pioneering chat assistant powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3, offering users fast, complex, and precise responses along with the ability to create stunning visuals from simple text descriptions.

Microsoft Quietly Launches Copilot on Android & iOS Devices
Microsoft Quietly Launches Copilot on Android & iOS Devices
Microsoft Quietly Launches Copilot on Android & iOS Devices

In a parallel development, Microsoft has also brought Copilot to iPhones and iPads, available for download from the Apple App Store. Powered by GPT-4 and DALL·E 3, the iOS version of Copilot offers users a multifaceted experience, including chatbot functionalities, image generation with DALL-E 3, and streamlined text drafting for emails and documents.

Microsoft’s strategic rebranding from Bing Chat to Copilot signifies its commitment to establishing a standalone AI experience, akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. An alliance with Suno, a pioneer in AI-based music creation, further enriches Copilot’s functionalities.

This expansion comes on the heels of Microsoft’s recent declaration hinting at additional features for the Copilot service, showcasing the company’s dedication to continuous innovation. Beyond mobile applications, Microsoft has curated a distinct web experience for Copilot, underscoring its commitment to offering a comprehensive AI-powered platform across diverse mediums.

Whether on Android, iOS, or the web, Copilot aims to redefine user interactions and democratize access to advanced AI models, marking a pivotal moment in Microsoft’s AI evolution.

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