Introducing BharatGPT: India’s Indigenous Generative AI Platform

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India has unveiled its own indigenous Large Language Model (LLM)-based solution, BharatGPT, in response to the global success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Developed by, an AI startup, in collaboration with I-HUB Anubhuti, a data-driven cognitive computing solutions provider, BharatGPT marks a significant milestone as the first-ever conversational AI chatbot available across channels in over a dozen Indian languages, embracing video, voice, and text.

How BharatGPT Works:

Ankush Sabharwal, Co-founder, and CEO of, explains that developers and business users can effortlessly create text and voice-enabled multi-lingual Virtual Assistants by incorporating content specific to their business or use cases. The platform allows customization with the addition of a custom knowledge base and seamless integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for real-time transactions.

Benefits of BharatGPT:

  • Data Localization: The conversational AI platform ensures data remains in India, aligning with the government’s vision of “Make AI in India, Make AI work for India.”
  • Lightweight Solution: BharatGPT, referred to as EnterpriseGPT, is designed for swift and efficient implementation, saving valuable time for organizations and contributing to a seamless integration process.

Enterprise Benefits:

Positioned as an enterprise conversation AI platform, BharatGPT caters to various sectors, including taxation, healthcare, media, tourism, railways, logistics, telecom, education, legal, space, energy, and banking. The platform supports a wide array of applications and can be customized for each state, exemplified by KarnatakaGPT, GujaratGPT, J&KGPT, etc.

Differentiators from ChatGPT:

While existing platforms with Large Language Models lack the capability to create Enterprise Virtual Assistants, BharatGPT stands out with its comprehensive approach. It addresses challenges related to computational requirements, data quality, biases, and security, positioning itself as a frontrunner in Generative AI/Large Language Models.

Funding and Future Prospects:

While has not disclosed BharatGPT’s funding model, reports suggest Google’s potential $4 million investment following its initial $500,000 investment. The platform has garnered support from various entities, including CanBank Venture Capital Fund, Lead Angels, Cognify, Karekeba Ventures, and IIIT-Delhi.


BharatGPT emerges as a groundbreaking initiative, emphasizing responsible AI with generative capabilities. Its impact spans diverse sectors, and as it gains momentum, BharatGPT is poised to transform the landscape of conversational AI in India, reflecting the nation’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

Check out the official notification here.

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