Hugging Face Introduces Open-Source AI Chat Assistants

Hugging Face Introduces Open-Source AI Chat Assistants

Hugging Face, a startup based in New York City known for its dedication to open-source AI tools, has launched a new service called Hugging Chat Assistants. This free platform allows users to create customized AI chatbots, presenting an alternative to subscription-based options like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

With Hugging Chat Assistants, developers gain access to various open-source large language models (LLMs) for backend AI support. Users can tailor their chatbots using models like Meta’s Llama 2 and Mistral’s Mixtral without any subscription fees.

Phillip Schmid, Hugging Face’s Technical Lead & LLMs Director, shared the news on X, emphasizing the simplicity of creating a personal Hugging Face Chat Assistant “in 2 clicks!” This positions the platform as a competitor to OpenAI’s custom GPTs.

While Hugging Chat Assistants lack some features present in custom GPTs, such as web search and retrieval augmented generation (RAG), the company plans to incorporate these functionalities in the future.

The launch of Hugging Chat Assistants comes after Hugging Face’s recent success in hosting an event in San Francisco, attracting over 5000 attendees. The event highlighted the growing importance of open-source solutions in AI development, aligning with Hugging Face’s values.

The platform has already gained traction, boasting over 4,000 Assistants within days of its launch. Hugging Face aims to expand its offerings, with plans to introduce seven additional open-source stores soon, promising increased diversity and innovation for users.

As the open-source community continues to evolve, platforms like Hugging Face provide alternative options in the AI landscape, focusing on accessibility, customization, and collaboration.

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