Bloomreach Enhances AI-driven E-commerce Experience with Radiance Commerce Acquisition

Bloomreach Enhances AI-driven E-commerce Experience with Radiance Commerce Acquisition

Mountain View, CA-based Bloomreach, a leading provider of e-commerce personalization solutions, has recently acquired Radiance Commerce, an enterprise-grade conversational commerce platform. The acquisition, though the financial details remain undisclosed, marks a significant move in Bloomreach’s commitment to an AI-driven future in e-commerce.

Radiance Commerce, founded in 2017 by Vikas Jha, specializes in leveraging large language models (LLMs) to guide customers through their shopping journey using expertise-based selling, product search, recommendations, and exploration. This expertise in AI and conversational commerce aligns seamlessly with Bloomreach’s vision to revolutionize online shopping with personalized experiences.

CEO Raj De Datta, expressing Bloomreach’s dedication to AI-driven e-commerce, stated, “Bloomreach is fully invested in an AI-driven future for e-commerce, and Radiance Commerce is critical in helping us bring that future to life.” He emphasized that Radiance’s technology will play a pivotal role in further developing Bloomreach Clarity, their AI-powered conversational shopping product, ultimately benefiting businesses worldwide.

Vikas Jha, founder of Radiance Commerce, highlighted the perfect alignment of the two companies as AI-powered commerce application developers. Jha, now listed as the Vice President of Engineering, Conversational Commerce, at Bloomreach, expressed enthusiasm about advancing conversational shopping technology in collaboration with Bloomreach.

Bloomreach’s suite of products includes Engagement, a marketing automation platform; Discovery, an e-commerce search solution; Content, a headless CMS; and Clarity, the aforementioned AI-powered conversational shopping tool. Through these offerings, Bloomreach has earned its place as a preferred choice for over 1,400 global brands, including renowned names like Williams-Sonoma, Bosch, Puma, and Marks & Spencer.

With a shared commitment to enhancing the e-commerce landscape through AI innovation, the union of Bloomreach and Radiance Commerce is poised to usher in a new era of personalized and conversational online shopping experiences for consumers and businesses alike.

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