Armis Strengthens Cybersecurity Capabilities with Acquisition of CTCI

Armis Strengthens Cybersecurity Capabilities with Acquisition of CTCI

Armis, a San Francisco-based asset intelligence cybersecurity company, has recently finalized the acquisition of CTCI (Cyber Threat Cognitive Intelligence), a firm specializing in AI-powered pre-attack threat hunting technology. The acquisition, conducted through a private deal valued at approximately $20 million, underscores Armis’ commitment to enhancing its early warning cyber intelligence system.

CTCI, established in 2020 by CEO Andrew Grealy and CTO Michael Freeman, has gained recognition for its innovative approach to preemptive threat detection. Leveraging AI algorithms and deep threat intelligence, CTCI’s solutions empower organizations to proactively identify and mitigate potential cyber threats before they materialize.

Under the terms of the agreement, Armis has acquired all of CTCI’s technology assets and personnel. The integration of CTCI’s technology within the Armis ecosystem is expected to be completed over the next 30 days. This integration will see CTCI’s technology incorporated into Armis Centrix™, enhancing its capabilities to provide advanced threat intelligence sourced from various channels, including the dark web and AI-based honeypots.

Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO and Co-Founder of Armis, stressed the importance of preemptive cybersecurity measures in the current landscape. “In the face of escalating cyber threats, we recognize the significance of preempting an attack,” remarked Dibrov. “This acquisition underscores our commitment to fortifying our platform as a comprehensive solution for managing the entire attack surface.”

Andrew Grealy, CEO and Co-Founder of CTCI, echoed Dibrov’s sentiments, emphasizing the collaborative potential between the two companies. “The integration of Armis’ comprehensive visibility, security, and control with CTCI’s advanced AI capabilities empowers organizations to adopt a proactive security posture,” stated Grealy.

Armis, with a clientele including Fortune 100, 200, and 500 companies, as well as government entities, has experienced substantial growth since its inception in 2015. With recent funding totaling $300 million and a valuation of $3.4 billion, Armis is well-positioned to advance its position in the cybersecurity sector.

As part of its strategic vision, Armis aims to evolve its Armis Centrix™ platform into a leading cyber exposure management solution. By leveraging CTCI’s technology and expertise, Armis seeks to provide clients with actionable threat intelligence, enabling them to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

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